A-B C-E F-H I-M N-R   S-T  U-Z

C Celsius
CARS community aerodrome radio station
CAS calibrated airspeed
CAT clear air turbulence
CDI course deviation indicator
CFI chief flying instructor
C of A certificate of airworthiness
C of G centre of gravity
C of P centre of pressure
C of R certificate of registration
CP critical point
CPL commercial pilot licence
CRE Class Rating Examiner
cu. ft. cubic feet
CVFR controlled VFR flight
CVR cockpit voice recorder
CZ control zone
DF direction finder
DH decision height
DME distance measuring equipment
DOT Department of Transport
DR dead reckoning
DVFR defence visual flight rules
EAT expected approach time
EFC expected further clearance time
EGT exhaust gas temperature
ELT emergency locator transmitter
EPR engine pressure ratio
ESCAT emergency security control of air traffic
ETA estimated time of arrival
ETD estimated time of departure
ETOPS extended range twin-engine operations
EWH eye-to-wheel height